The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived! For more than a year we have been couting down the days to 17. november 2018, and the amazing gig in Telenor Arena. The venue is sold out, wich means that 17000 tickets are sold! We can´t wait to head for Oslo!

Preparation for the day has been going on forever it seems, and when the day finally arrives, Oddan picks me up, and we´re heading for the airport. Along the way, we pick up Kai Henrik, our DJ for the occation, and we´re finally full tally and ready for the plane to Oslo. The mood is awesome! The excitement is outside our bodies, and the talk and rattle at the airport while waiting for our flight, is second to none.
The flight goes without any delays, and we arrive Gardermoen right on schedule. There we are greeted by the pick-up crew, and soon we are in a Taxi heading for Oslo and Telenor Arena.
As we are driving towards Oslo my thoughts are flying, and as we see the Telenor Arena – this shit is getting real!